Bernice Jacobs

My dad used to ask me "What do you do with all those pictures you take?" Well here they are. I hope everyone who explores my photography site enjoys looking at them as much as I have enjoyed taking them! My inspiration began as a very young child.

My love affair with the great outdoors started at the tender and impressionable age of three when my parents started taking the family camping. Soon we were traveling the country. My dad would work two jobs all year to save money for our vacation and my mom would spend all winter meticulously planning every detail of our next adventure. Every summer for a few weeks we would take off for a new camping expedition across the breathtaking beauty of the United States. By the time I was a teenager I had ridden through or explored every continental state and visited most of our National Parks. When I was a young adult many years later my father was criticizing me for traveling so frequently and I simply stated "you did this to me dad when I was three years old". He never mentioned it again!

I was 10 years old when I asked for my first camera for my birthday. Each of my three brothers bought me a 110 camera. Remember those? I was hooked from the start! Any money I earned frequently paid for film, flash cubes and film proccessing. Our first family vacation with my new cameras was to Maine and Nova Scotia. I still have those pictures in a photo album. Soon I became the family photographer for weddings, parties and vacations. My first major purchase after finishing college was a 35 mm camera and lens.

Today I continue my love affair with nature and photography! I explore the world with a camera in my hands continuously learning about and developing my photographic skills. JRR Tolkien who made an everlasting impression on me at the age of ten stated it best for me "not all who wander are lost" and forty years later I am still looking for "Middle Earth". So now I wander the earth in search of the next image that takes my breath away and I try to capture it!
Thanks for looking at my site,
Bernice C Jacobs
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